Soy Candle Making Kit


Make your own scented candles at home with your choice of many scents and theme options. The Soy Candle Making Kit includes supplies to make 5 candles

  • Soy Wax
  • Bowl
  • Match Box
  • Paper Pad

And 5 of each

  • Metal Tin
  • Wick
  • Wick Bar
  • Safety Label
  • Wick Tab
Adventure +
Believe Family +
Birthday +
Celebration +
Dream Hope +
Floral +
Graduate +
Love +
Portland Oregon +
Teachers +
Teach Inspire +
Tranquility +


Choose from 28 wonderful scents and 12 different Soy Candle Making Decorative Tins to chose from. Do it yourself at home candle kits are fun to do. Each kit comes with the supplies to make 5 Soy Candles. These are great gift items for yourself or others. You can pick them up at our Portland, OR, or Vancouver, WA studio, or have them shipped to you. We offer free shipping on orders over $75. Made in Portland Oregon USA.

Candle Scents – Peppermint Vanilla, Vanilla Bean, Vanilla Lavender, Merlot Wine, Lilac, Pumpkin Spice, Balsom & Holly, Jamaica Me Crazy, Apple Orchard, Spiced Cranberry, Mango Papaya, Apple Jack Peel, Pomegranate, Loving Spell, 7-up Pound Cake, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Blueberry Muffin, Cinnamon Stick, Coco Mango, Fresh Brewed Coffee, Fresh Linen, Honeysuckle, Island Fresh, Ocean Mist, Fresh Cut Roses, Sweet Pea, Mulberry, Christmas Tree Scents.

These make great gifts too.

List of choose your soy candle making scents

#1 Tranquility theme containers

#2 Floral flower design candle kit

#3 Adventure Candle lid designs Made in Oregon

#4 Portland Oregon designs for tin lids

#5 Believe Family live, laugh, love

#6 Teach Inspire Candle theme designs

#7 Dream Hope DIY lid designs with hearts

#9 Teachers soy candle making kit tin designs

#10 Birthday Do it yourself Soy Candle making tins#11 celebration Candle making theme kitGraduate soy candle making Kit tin design

Additional information

Choose your Scent

7-Up Pound Cake, Apple Jack Peel, Apple Orchard, Balsam & Holly, Black Raspberry & Vanilla, Blueberry Muffin, Christmas Tree, Cinnamon Stick, Coco Mango, Fresh Brewed Coffee, Fresh Linen, Fresh-Cut Roses, Honey Suckle, Island Fresh, Jamaica Me Crazy, Lilac, Loving Spell, Mango Papaya, Merlot Wine, Mulberry, Ocean Mist, Peppermint Vanilla, Pomegranate, Pumpkin Pie Spice, Spiced Cranberry, Sweet Pea, Vanilla Bean, Vanilla Lavender