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Wood Sign Painting Tips and Tricks

Check out these Tips and Tricks videos to learn some techniques for drybrush effects and using the up and down method to use less paint. These techniques can be used for our DIY Wood Sign Kits or one of our wood stencil designs.


Tips and Tricks: Dry brush background

Tips and tricks: DIY Wood Sign Painting Tutorial

Attaching Hardware to Wood Signs
Depending on which way your artwork is oriented, flip your pallet over so the top of your design is at the top in front of you. Then, place your eye hooks in the appropriate locations according to how the back of your pallet is oriented (see photo for reference).
Once your eye hooks are placed, use a drill to screw in the provided screws. Hang your art on the wall with two nails, or optionally, you can attach a photo frame wire to your eye hooks to hang on the wall using only one nail.

Attaching hard ware to wood sign
Wood Sign Pallet

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