TO-GO Art Kits

Each TO-GO Art Kit contains everything you need to complete the art or craft item of your choice and the necessary tools, paints and instructions to complete it.

We have 4 different types of customizable kits for you to bring home. Our kits make it easy for you to have a fun and creative experience with the entire family.

Our pre-screened canvas kits come in an assortment of kid-friendly designs, or you can choose a blank canvas to paint with your own artist’s eye using the 4 acrylic paints you will also select. We’ll include everything you need to paint your canvas, including the brushes.

Ceramic pottery kits come in four categories with many choices per category. Select one of 21 animals,a mug, bowl, or plate and your paint 4 colors. Or, if you’re feeling wild, select a mystery kit and we will pick your piece and colors for you! Once you’ve painted your pottery piece, bring it back into the studio at your convenience and we’ll fire it in our kiln for a smooth and glossy finish.

One of our most popular kits is the acrylic paint pour kit. We’ll provide 5 random paint colors for you to mix, layer, and pour onto your canvas. Like the effects of the paint separating into wild patterns on the canvas? That’s from a silicone additive, which we will automatically include in your paints! While this is a messy activity, we provide a set of gloves, an apron, and a table mat to help keep your activity area clean. Every canvas turns out different, we can’t wait to see yours!

Our wood sign kits come in a variety different templates and color choices so you can customize your sign exactly the way you want. Each template is pre-cut and ready to go, so you can easily apply it to your wood pallet and paint away! We also include the supplies you would need to hand the sign (except the drill!).