Blown Glass Garden Flowers


Hand blown glass garden flowers will stay beautiful all year long. Each garden flower is carefully blown to order by our expert in-house glassblower. Garden flowers are great for outdoors, and come attached to a metal copper pole which then can be placed on a stake or rebar wire in the ground to match your desired height.


When building your custom garden flower, first choose your stem option: green or color stem. Choosing “color stem” means your selected flower color will extend from the petals down through the stem and to the copper post. If you select “green stem”, the stem will be green from the bottom of the flower through the stem and to the metal post. See examples. Next, choose your glass flower color. Choose from several different mixes or solid colors.
Sunflower (Opal) +
White (Opal) +
Turquoise Blue (Opal) +
Purple Rose (Opal) +
Pink Cameo (Opal) +
Tootie Fruiti (Opal) +
Raspberry (Opal) +
Coastal Waters (Opal) +
Fairy Dust (Opal) +
Desert Spring (Opal) +
Flame Red (Trans) +
Cobalt (Trans) +
Cherry Red (Trans) +
Yellow (Trans) +
Carnival (Trans) +
Blueberry (Trans) +
Sunset (Trans) +
Purple Passion (Mixed) +
Valentines (Mixed) +
Pink Passion (Mixed) +
Dreamscape (Mixed) +
Sea Breeze (Mixed) +
Tiger Lily (Mixed) +
Teal & White (Mixed) +
Sugar Plumb (Mixed) +
Spring Meadow (Mixed) +
Spearmint (Mixed) +
Seahawks (Mixed) +
Purple Rain (Mixed) +
Orange & White (Mixed) +
Fruit Punch (Mixed) +
4th of July (Mixed) +
Ducks (Mixed) +
Daffodil (Mixed) +
Cobalt & White (Mixed) +
Candy Cane (mixed) +
Black and White +
Beavers +