Pottery Bundles


Pottery Painting Bundles are great for all ages & occasions so you can paint from home anytime or anywhere.  Bundles will be shipped directly to you free of charge.  Currently, they are not available for in-store pickup.  Ceramic paint items will need to be returned to either the Portland Studio or Vancouver Studio of Live Laugh Love Art.  If you are unable to return to the studio, just contact a local paint your own pottery studio for cone 06 firing to complete your project.



Choose your Pottery Bundle and we will ship it to you free of charge.  

Pottery Painting Bundles are bundles of fun. Fun for parties, crafters, and those wanting to have a part of themselves in their home decor. Each bundle comes with everything you need so you can create 3-4 pottery items.

Glaze vs. Acrylic Paint


  • We clear coat all pottery, therefore food safe
  • Glossy finish, after kiln firing
  • Firing at no additional fee when returned to Live Laugh Love Art
  • Please allow 7-10 days for the firing process
  • We will notify you via email you when your item has been fired

Acrylic Paint

  • Items will have a matte finish
  • For decorative purposes only, not food safe
  • Acrylic paint can be mixed to make other color combinations

Ceramic Bright Glaze Color paletteNeutral Glaze Pottery Bundles colors Pastel Glaze colors for Ceramic designs Acrylic paint choices for decorative items not to be kilned